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The Next Generation Anti-Bacterial Product

Killbak ® Everpur

The only Blue anti-bacterial cloth that's "Green"

Killbak ® everpur helps to solve the bacterial problems of conventional cleaning cloths.
According to the Hygiene Council, the domestic washing cloth could be the dirtiest thing in your home!

Ordinary wash cloths can become infected after only a few uses, this can lead to them producing unpleasant smells.
The consequences are that you change your cleaning cloth after a short period.
Killbak ® everpur does not give off odours even after continuous use and after washing in a machine at 60 degrees, this innovative cleaning cloth continues to perform like new.

Multiple Uses in the household, Odour-reducing, antibacterial and cost-saving!

Killbak ® Everpur can be used almost anywhere! Including the following sectors:-